Are you ready to create a culture of high performance?

This program provides an experiential learning environment that has been designed to develop a culture that supports a relentless pursuit of a competitive edge – for participants to become the very best they can possibly become -- both at work and real life.

Learn what it takes to compete

Our approach has been cultivated from years of “in the trenches” application with high achieving athletes, coaches, and team environments.


Human performance is exponentially more important than ever before. Fortune companies need to be able to fully embrace the potential of their leadership and the individual leader’s coaching skills. Teams and workgroups, when fully aware of what high performance could mean, can be exceptional. As companies transition to a team-based culture of leadership, different management skills are becoming increasingly needed to sustain and re-invigorate corporate performance.

There are key building blocks behind the model we educate and deploy that are based on twelve guiding principles used by the Win Forever team. The team has applied these principles to help solve challenges inside the hyper-competitive landscape of the NFL where heightened awareness is imperative for success. Enabling teams and leaders to recognize the peak moments and competing to capture the expression of potential is critical.

The objectives of the “Win Forever Always Compete” program are to share the living processes and scientific approaches to optimize individual and organizational performance; to guide each leader on how to apply the twelve basic principles on a daily basis, and encourage collaborative engagement going forward to positively affect the performance culture.

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Dr. Michael Gervais

Michael Gervais has spent his career pushing on the limits of human potential. A high-performance psychologist, Gervais has flown onto aircraft carriers during wartime to work with fighter pilots, developed high-performance strategies for action sport athletes who attempt the impossible, and expanded capabilities in the more traditional realms of the NFL, NHL, NBA and Olympics. He’s also one of only 21 members of Nike’s Expert Performance Advisory Board, and is a currently working with the Seattle Seahawks in shaping their high performance psychology and performance innovation program. His work has been featured on ESPN, NBC Sports, CNN, NFL Network, FUEL TV, Red Bull TV, Extra, Fox Sports, Yahoo Sports and, in print, in The Huffington Post, Playboy, ESPN The Magazine, and Outside.

Who is Win Forever for?

The Win Forever Always Compete Program is for competitors, created by competitors. If you want to live a high-performance lifestyle and always compete, start today.

  • Athletes

    Win Forever athletes are on a relentless pursuit of a competitive edge. They are confident in their ability, trust their preparation and perform with energy and enthusiasm in all environments. Win Forever athletes respect everything.

  • Coaches

    Win Forever coaches have a clear philosophy that allows them to create an environment founded on competition. They bring positive, enthusiastic and disciplined energy to staff meetings and the practice field every day. Win Forever coaches are uncommonly consistent.

  • Professionals

    Win Forever professionals operate with high standards set by themselves. They lead with passion and energy and help their co- workers maximize their own potential to reach a common goal. Win Forever professionals help establish a culture of immense competition.

  • Parents

    Win Forever parents teach their children principles that they will carry with them in all aspects of their life, as they develop into an adult. Ranging from a student, athlete or professional, the character-building tools passed down to children are founded in a balanced philosophical approach. Win Forever parents lead by example.

  • Students

    Win Forever students compete to create better opportunities for their future and to develop the skills needed in the professional world. They maximize every chance to learn and expand their abilities while cultivating a strong sense of self. Win Forever students tap into their full potential.

  • Teachers

    Win Forever teachers are molding the next generation of leaders across the globe. By developing a philosophy and relentlessly competing to hold on to it, they create a learning environment where their students exceed their own expectations. Win Forever teachers cultivate a community of knowledge-seekers.